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Srila Prabhupada introduced this weekly festival as part of his overall preaching program.

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I guess that makes me an optimist depending on whose point of view you're looking at it from! Read more (important note: disabled person, Awaiting Divorce, Divorce & children i am not interest) Hello, I am Handicapped person means my height is 4ft below that is all. I have done Masters in Electrical Engineering from Virginia Tech. I love photography, traveling and believe in hard work can alone make you successful. Read more My friends would say I am well cultured, understanding and humorous... Read more Initially I need to thank who gave the man of my dream thank you you have made my life to glow best by helping me to meet my be frank I don't have any interest in marriage and also with my parents compulsion this accou... I enjoy playing music instruments, singing and traveling. Read more I am a career oriented individual who is looking for a companion to share in the joys of life.According to Vishnu Purana - Dwaraka was submerged by the sea right after the death of Lord Krishna.The Yogis considered him to be the absolute truth, the Gopis the highest object of love, the warriors as an ideal hero, Kamsa as an object of fear and Sisupala as an object of hate.Whether one thinks of him as an object of love or hate, one attains him.

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