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Empathology: Diane Borsato, Peter Hobbs, Linda Montano, Clive Robertson.

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That’s how I felt the first time I met Shalyn in Austin a few years ago, and after reading the interview that she and her husband, Drew, filled out for today’s post, I’m sure y’all will feel that way too! Shalyn is also giving away a print from her watercolor print shop to a lucky SW reader–details below!

^ COMMENCEMENT 2010 The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill V SUNDAY, DECEMBER NINETEENTH TWO THOUSAND TEN MESSAGE FROM THE CHANCELLOR Dear graduates and families; Welcome to December 2010 Commencement. Thorp is an inaugural member of the National Advisory Council on Innovation and Entrepreneurship, created by the US. He is also a member of the Champions’ Board of Teach for America, which Two Thousand Ten Mid-Year Commencement I 9 aims to end educational inequity across the nation, as well as the Associations’ Patent Reform Task Force, an advisory body to six associations representing higher education in a Congressional effort to reform patent law. Cohen, Physics and Astronomy, Rapid Detection of Illusory Contours Using a Feed-Forward Model. Monique Devon Cohen, Health Policy and Management, The Effect of Race on Rehabilitation Utilization among Stroke Patients in North Carolina. Amber Taylor Collins, Biomedical Engineering, An Investigation into the Effects of Stochastic Resonance Electrical Stimulation Combined with a Knee Sleeve on Proprioception, Postural Control, and Gait Biomechanics in Those with Knee Osteoarthritis. Peter Nicholas Coneski, Chemistry, Design and Synthesis of Nitric Oxide- Releasing Polymers for Biomedical Applications.

Congratulations and welcome to the ranks of Tar Heel alumni. FOR YOUR INFORMATION If you have any questions regarding Commencement activities, or in the event of an emergency, please contact an usher. A student marshal or Disability Services staff member can advise persons with hearing impairments about seating from which to view the screen. Department of Commerce to support President Obama’s innovation strategy. Manufacturing Competitiveness Initiative for the Council on Competitiveness, a group of CEOs, university presidents and labor leaders working to ensure U. He has published 130 scholarly articles on the electronic properties of DNA and RNA. Thorp co-authored a new book, “Engines of Innovation — The Entrepreneurial University in GEOFFREY SAYRE-MCCORD Commencement Speaker Geoffrey Sayre-Mc Cord, Ph. Clere, English, Troubling Bodies in Willa Cather’s Fiction. Brian Sanderson Clipp, Computer Science, Multi-Camera Simultane- ous Localization and Mapping.

It may look like the young lady lives alone, but this site only lists registered voters.

A lot of cops got their names removed from the data we get and some have been removed from our pages at their request.

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