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Even without special skills you can create an impressive-looking word cloud at the website

Web browsers have become much more secure and hardened against attack over the years.

These words can be from a class lecture, website, poem, story, or even random words that you enjoy the sound of.

Different images can be created and made up of these words.

After hiding and checking for new updates several times, Silverlight doesn't appear anymore.

The next time a new version will be out, it will reappear though.

You may think that the same "update" appears over and over again, but it's not. As I don't need Silverlight (or more precisely the Silverlight plugin for my webbrowsers) I chose to hide the "update" (which is actually not an update as Silverlight is not installed).

You can disable Silverlight at any time for privacy or performance reasons. I don’t mean the extensions that you install in your browser – I mean those plugins that any web page can take advantage of, like Adobe Flash, Adobe Reader, and Oracle’s Java. It called the Java plugin from a web page and loaded a special Java applet that exploited a Java bug, gaining access to the system.Some readers found my comments encouraging people to uninstall Java if they don’t use it Oracle’s Java runtime software is required to run Java applets on websites and desktop software written in the Java programming language. I’ll also tell you what you can do to help protect yourself. Having Java installed increases your attack surface.The number of times a single word is put into a word cloud will determine the size of the word itself within a shape of your choice (i.e.the more times a word is mentioned, the larger the word will be in the word cloud image).

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