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Irish illustrator Jon Berkeley created the striking cover for the magazine.

In a Facebook post, he says he got a call from the magazine's editors Wednesday morning because they needed 'to do a last minute cover switch due to Trump's latest bit of trumpfoolery'.

Mr Schaefer said it was important for recently tightened UN Security Council sanctions against North Korea to be implemented.

To Jamal Lewis, however, who is also black and who identifies as “gender deviant,” being fat and effeminate is a source of power and a subject worthy of exploration in a documentary titled “No Fats, No Femmes.”“For me, I’m just interested in the spaces that people are afraid to occupy,” said Lewis, who uses “he-she” as a gender pronoun.

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Six weeks ago, I changed my Grindr status to “Instead of ‘hey’, feel free to start by telling me something interesting about yourself!

'Unusually for the Economist it was felt that it didn't need a headline. The cover story is an editorial from the Ecomoist staff titled: 'Donald Trump has no grasp of what it means to be president.' The editorial ripped apart Trump's 'heartfelt defense' of the white nationalists, sayon that 'his unsteady response contains a terrible message for Americans.

This is shutting down freedom of expression.'But the council says it is not prosecuting Mr Shine over the content of his speeches - just for the level of volume he delivers them at, which was causing a noise nuisance for shoppers and local businesses.

A Westminster City Council spokesman told Mail Online: 'This case isn’t about what you say in public – it’s about the volume at which you say it.

The cover, released Thursday, shows President Trump yelling through a meagphone shaped as a Ku Klux Klan hood.

In a rare move, the editors left most of the rest of the cover blank, notable leaving out the name of the cover story - letting the stark cartoon speak for itself.

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