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And then he comes home and just expects me to like her! ""He called me and told me he saw you running down the street."She rolled her eyes. Nat noticed her roll her eyes and said, "Hey, if I hadn't come when I did, who knows what that creep would've done with you."She shuddered. And don't you dare tell my dad.""Don't worry, babe," He joked with a smile, wrapping his arm around her and pulling her to his side."Don't call me that either," Rosalina said, trying not to smile. But neither of them would admit their feelings to each other."Aw, c'mon it could be my nickname for you.""Not a chance.""But he didn't hurt you any other way? "Luckily, no."They reached his apartment building and walked inside, ran up the stairs and down the hall to the Wolff apartment. "The boy nodded and lowered his voice when he said, "Ever since our dad died, you know how we've been getting money from our Uncle Miles and his wife? I'm going upstairs and when I come back there better be food here or on the way! Rosalina walked over to Nat and looked down at him.

""It'll get better," He promised."So what are you doing around here? ""You know how David lives down the street from you? "Rosalina nodded."Uncle Miles threatened to stop giving us money.""What? "Your brother is worried about you, Nat.""Great," Nat groaned.

When Nat sees a tabloid photo of Rosalina kissing another boy during her round the world cruise, he becomes convinced that he’s losing her for good and goes into a funk that threatens to prevent him from finishing the movie the band is making.

Desperate to snap him out of his gloom, Alex leads Nat into the wilderness, believing that surviving the perils of nature will lead Nat to discover his inner strength and regain his mojo.

These are all apparently very used vehicles (35,000 - 45,000 miles) with hard miles on them.

So I guess the old adage "you get what you pay for" stands. Not in the airport terminal as advertised on kayak. Employee didn't go over hidden costs, I signed for waiving of insurance and road side assistance, or so I thought Price, with hidden costs, was double the quoted price on kayak.

But with so much at stake Alex knows that failure isn’t an option, so he enlists the aid of his band mates to clandestinely stage events designed to make Nat believe he’s a wilderness hero.

Rosalina lost her footing and almost fell backward but Nat steadied her. Nat was that kind of guy who could take care of himself. Not only to you, but because it brings in some money.""I don't know, Rosie.""You should just try. Not worrying""Yeah, well I might have to worry about you if you keep running off like that," Nat joked."You don't have to worry about me. "I guess your right.""Well, you should probably get some food or something, because Alex is expecting it.""Okay, let's go order some pizza, babe," He said smiling. "Hey Kristina.""Hey."Nat's smile faded to a grin and he walked away. But anyway, I came to ask you if you saw Matt Pinfield's latest report?

"Get behind me, Rosie."She had no problem with following orders and backed away from the boy and behind Nat."Don't let me see you touch her again, or it'll be worse next time," Nat said harshly, and grabbed Rosalina's arm and pulled her around the boy who was still lying on the ground. He looked and acted pretty tough, but he could be gentle when he had to."My dad brought home another woman because they've been dating for a few months and it's gotten 'serious'.""What's wrong with that? "Oh hey, Rosalina.""Hey Alex," She said, smiling at the younger Wolff brother.

They turned a corner and Nat looked at his best friend. ""He didn't even tell me he was dating her in the first place! All their friends, and even Alex knew that they both wanted to be more then friends. Nat threw his keys on the counter and flopped onto the couch."He's been doing that all week," Alex said quietly."Everyday? Don't worry, Alex."Good luck," He whispered, then raised his voice when he said, "Okay!

I am very upset because they did not have a car when I arrived, and when I had previously tried to contact them because my flight was delayed no one picked up.

I had to rent from a different place for significantly more.

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