Hack a dating site

That’s the super-short version of my advice for those moments when nothing seems to be going as planned—when everything you want seems out of reach.

Yes, just be right where you are, with an open mind.

God willing, you’ll be gifted another 40 years of life experience. Yet today, just like the majority of us, you are distracted by everything else.

But even if you aren’t, the core principle of this article remains relevant: As you age, you’ll learn to value your time, genuine relationships, meaningful work, and peace of mind, much more. You give too much of your time to [Read more…] Doubt your doubts before you doubt your faith.

Hosted by Kevin Pereira and Brooke Van Poppelen, this series demonstrates how to incorporate eye popping shortcuts guaranteed to save today's busy adults a lot of time, effort and money.

From learning how to open a bottle of wine with your shoe, to finding out the multiple uses for a toilet paper roll, there is never a shortage of hacks to discover.

Certain racial groups become associated with masculinity and some with femininity - Asian women fit into this category, according to Denton.

Welcome to the weekly half hour show that provides a comedic spin on the never-ending supply of everyday life hacks.

With our help, it will be a piece of cake for you to find a dating partner from your wildest dreams. He came down for a couple of days recently and our meeting went well from the moment we met at the airport... ) to download a mod which removes the default censorship blur over mature scenes in The Sims2 by EA Games.A game which is rated Teen, mind you, yet no one seems to care that it can be uncensored to reveal content which was already there in the retail version.My challenge for you today is [Read more…] Most of us—of all ages and backgrounds—are incredibly distracted from the start every morning, and therefore stumble through each day with diminished intention and lots of unnecessary frustration.We forget that the morning hours leading up to mid-day are enormously important—that these hours form the foundation of the entire day.

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